Control4 delivers wireless lighting solutions to any house transforming it to a true smart home. It offers a complete line of smart lighting components which supports many types of light sources including compact fluorescent lamps, halogen, incandescent & LED with the ability to be brightened and dimmed to enhance visual experience or to set the mood for several occasions, while saving energy. Components from third-party providers such as Lutron & Vantage, are also supported with control4 platform to provide lighting solutions. With control4 home automation systems, lights can be synchronized with other peripheral devices, so that the lights can be turned on, off, or even dimmed or brightened when an event is triggered by a device. With the touch of a button take control of lights throughout the entire house. The outdoor lights can be scheduled to turn on at night for a specific time interval, which is convenient and reliable for a busy lifestyle. Using motion sensors, the lights can be automated to turn on only when a room is occupied which provides hands-free illumination. Obtain a 4sight subscription and plan your next vacation without any hesitation as you can turn your lights on virtually from any location to exhibit your occupancy.

Scheduled Lighting

Home owners who take advantage of natural sunlight to illuminate the house usually switch off lights during the day time and switch on, at night. We all have experienced stressful days falling asleep on the couch, forgetting to turn off the outdoor lights. After lying on the bed for a good night ...

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Lighting Scenes

Our daily lifestyle is associated with variations in moods triggered by our reactions for certain occasions. With lighting scenes feature, the mood of any living space of your house can be changed to suit the occasion. Whether you could be dining, singing, dancing, exercising, relaxing or even wa...

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Whole Home Lighting

Lighting can be effectively used to enhance the appearance of an area, improve task performance and even impose positive psychological effects on occupants. Whether its indoor or outdoor, smarts lights can be installed throughout the entire house which adds ambiance, energy efficiency, elegance a...

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Boardroom Lighting

With smart lighting your company’s productivity can be boosted and your limited time can be efficiently used to operate lights in the boardroom. The overall energy consumption of your workplace can be reduced by setting the lights to switch off automatically when the boardroom is not occupied, wh...

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