There was a time where people enjoyed and preferred watching a movie at the cinema or theatre over the television at home. Even the home theatre systems available at that time were too expensive and weren’t affordable by everyone. Today, a home theatre is becoming a common dedicated room in any residence to enjoy cinema experience at home, which provides convenience to its residents, by saving time and money. With Control4, you can turn your TV room to a home theatre by adding specialized components to deliver exceptional video and audio quality. When a control4 automation system is integrated with your home theatre, you can control the entire room with a single remote and you can even get your lights to dim, shades to cover and the projector to turn on automatically when a single button is pressed. A house usually contains multiple bedrooms each occupied by a HDTV. When all TVs are integrated with control4, the same program can be synchronized in multiple TVs where you can leave your bedroom and continue watching it in the kitchen. All video and audio content can be stored in a central media storage unit which can be accessed by any family member in any room. Upgrade your bathroom or bedroom mirror to a Mirror TV where you can use it as a mirror or a HDTV based on your preference, while utilizing the interior wall space of your house.

Multiroom video

In the 90’s, most of the people had only a single television in the living room of their houses, where the family would gather to watch their favourite tv show or any other sports activities, while having dinner. But today due to the limited time we have, we expect everything to be accessed quick...

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Home Theater

For the past few years, the best way to watch a movie was to go to the cinema or movie theatre. When VCRs were introduced to the market, people were able to watch movies at home by renting or buying. However, the televisions at home couldn’t be compared to the large screens available in movie the...

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