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Multiroom video

In the 90’s, most of the people had only a single television in the living room of their houses, where the family would gather to watch their favourite tv show or any other sports activities, while having dinner. But today due to the limited time we have, we expect everything to be accessed quick...

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Home Theater

For the past few years, the best way to watch a movie was to go to the cinema or movie theatre. When VCRs were introduced to the market, people were able to watch movies at home by renting or buying. However, the televisions at home couldn’t be compared to the large screens available in movie the...

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Streaming from mobile

CDs are becoming obsolete as people have lost their interest in buying their favourite music album from the closest local store. Streaming services have become popular in the past few decades which provide access to a vast library of music content, with a monthly subscription fee. You don’t have ...

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Garden Music

Your garden can be your greatest source of medicine to reduce stress or depression. We usually love to sit in the garden on a weekend evening to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. Your garden is also the best place to have a family reunion or an evening barbecue. Homeowners love to have ...

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Multiroom Music

You might start your day with your favourite music playlist as soon as you wake up from your bed. If your music setup is kept in your room, you may increase the volume so that you can still hear, when you go to the kitchen or take a shower in the bathroom. Have you ever thought of listening to th...

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Garage door control

A Garage is one of the significant and commonly allocated area of any house used to store one or two vehicles, or even conduct projects related to assembling, painting or woodworking. It also provides protection to your vehicles from precipitation and theft. The garage door is usually wide for th...

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Single switch sleep mode

The fight to balance social life, home responsibilities and work has become a challenge and has resulted in people having hectic and busy lifestyles. Due to lack of time, physical activities such as gym attendance and participation in sports are being neglected, which is a crucial factor which af...

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Watering Garden

Gardening is usually an enjoyable and a wonderful hobby, which lets you plan and water the plants. A beautifully designed garden is a source of relaxation and a great stress reliever. Gardening is a way of connecting with the nature to improve our environment so that we can grow fresh food in our...

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Occupancy based actions

A house is usually occupied by the houseowner and his/her family members. When you wake up in the morning, you might turn on the lights or turn off the fan when you leave your room on your way to the washroom. Then you need to get ready and go to work. Simple activities like turning off the light...

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Drape Control

A house requires windows to improve ventilation by allowing fresh air to enter your living space. During day time sun light can be well utilized to illuminate the interior spacing of any house, by keeping the lights off. Drapes provide privacy by enabling the outside view to be blocked at anytime...

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