A residential security system does a great job in providing protection to your home and family while a home automation system can increase it’s level of security. Sophisticated surveillance technology provides better protection features which can be experienced by property owners. With a control4 home automation system, you can receive alerts or text messages when the alarm is triggered, a leak is detected or when doors are left open. When a door station is installed, you can check the person standing at your door step and decide whether to ignore or let him in. If your parents visit your house while you are away, you can unlock the door from your mobile phone and let them in. Leave your house anytime without searching for door keys and lock them from any location with a 4sight subscription. The surveillance cameras capture high definition video which supports low light performance delivering exceptional video quality. They can be used to monitor your home when you are away, with your smart phone and react accordingly. The security systems can be enhanced by integrating sensors which make the applications more interactive.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is achieved using a motion detector which can sense moving objects or people associated with its range. Motion sensors can be integrated with many applications to perform a series of useful actions required by a house owner. When your house security system is integrated with a mo...

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Door station

Before the invention of peephole, when a door was knocked by a stranger, the homeowner would request the identity of him to be revealed before opening the door. So many lives might have been saved after the invention of peephole as you can view the stranger standing behind the door and respond ac...

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Door lock control

A door acts as a barrier to separate interior spacing as well as exterior of any house to provide privacy and security. Since ancient times, locks have been used to protect homes and property from theft and intrusion. With a smart door lock, you don’t need to carry a key anymore whenever you leav...

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Whether you are in the house or miles away, real-time activities can be monitored with high definition surveillance cameras attached inside and around your house. Receive live video streams of living space, garden, rooftop or even the entrance to check who is at your door step. Monitor your physi...

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