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CA-1 Controller

The entry level controller to experience Control4 smart home features ideal to control & automate few lights, door locks and sensors in a single room or studio apartment. In large projects, the CA-1 controller can be configured as a zigbee mesh controller to expand the signal strength for all zigbee devices.

EA-1 Controller

The ideal controller for a smart home starter system with entertainment built-in to deliver family room entertainment experience. The EA-1 is the perfect controller to automate and control all your entertainment devices including lighting, door locks, sensors, air conditioner and curtains in a single room.

EA-3 Controller

The versatile Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller is the perfect fusion of multi-room, high-resolution audio and smart home automation for small to mid-size homes. Powered by a next generation multi-core processor, the EA-3 delivers a new level of speed and performance for instantaneous, interactive on-screen access to all the systems in the home.

EA-5 Controller

The Control4 EA-5 Entertainment and Automation Controller is designed to deliver the ultimate smart home experience, featuring the highest-quality audio of the EA series and processing power to coordinate hundreds of smart devices.

CA-10 Controller

The CA-10 controller designed for large houses with 4x the processing power and memory of the EA-5 provides great performance to control thousands of smart devices.

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